Employee Appreciation Day at the Ballpark

Employee Appreciation Day at the Ballpark

On Saturday, August 18, Prairie State hosted its annual Employee Appreciation Day. This year’s event took place at Busch Stadium, where employees from across the campus gathered to cheer on the St. Louis Cardinals as they took on the Milwaukee Brewers. Employee appreciation day is just one way Prairie State celebrates one of its core values—teamwork. Thank you to all employees who joined us! More
Prairie State Mine Receives Award

Prairie State Mine Receives Award

Following yesterday’s Illinois State Mine Rescue Competition, Prairie State’s Lively Grove Mine received an award for the for having the lowest incident rate for a Division I mine in the state of Illinois. The award was issued by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Office of Mines and Minerals for safety performance from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018. Coal mines in Illinois a… More
Intern Check-In:  Brycen Dhom

Intern Check-In: Brycen Dhom

Mining intern Brycen Dhom has spent his summer at Prairie State working with mine technicians on electrical components and communication systems. Dhom has learned about and worked with transformers, vacuum breakers, variable frequency drives, and programmable logic controls. Throughout the mine, Dhom has learned about many microcontrollers.  These small systems can be programmed to perform one… More
Intern Check-In:  Jake Dyson

Intern Check-In: Jake Dyson

Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) intern Jake Dyson has spent his summer at Prairie State learning about operations and creating solutions. Dyson has enjoyed going underground to shadow different departments at the mine.  He has also attended a variety of meetings to discuss issues such as water balance, environmental compliance, and noise control. Prior to this internship, Dyson was not sure wh… More
Intern Check-In:  Alyssa Lohmann

Intern Check-In: Alyssa Lohmann

Public relations intern Alyssa Lohmann has spent her summer at Prairie State communicating with employees, owners, and the community. Lohmann has written many social media posts for Prairie State.  She has also assisted in planning events such as the golf outing, scholarship program, and upcoming employee appreciation day.  Lohmann appreciates that every day in public relations brings a new c… More