Washington County isn’t just where our employees work—it’s where they live, grow, and raise families, too. It’s also where they give back. Prairie State is proud of all the ways in which our employees contribute to the community. It’s a true testament to their commitment to making this a better, more prosperous place to live.

Blood Drives

In 2015, an all-volunteer group of employees who believed we can and should invest in the community created a blood drive committee. Since then, Prairie State’s blood drive committee has hosted multiple blood drives each year, collecting thousands of pints of blood and saving thousands of lives. Our employees recognize that blood donations have the opportunity to improve the outlook for healthcare self-sufficiency in southern Illinois, and the sheer importance of saving the lives of local people.

Prairie State’s blood drive committee partners with the American Red Cross, and has been recognized with service awards for their dedication to saving lives.

Toy and Food Drives

One of our most popular employee initiatives is the toy and food drives held every December and February. Organized by employees, this drive collects thousands of dollars and truckloads of toys and food for area not-for-profits.

In 2016, the following entities received assistance from Prairie State’s Toy and Food Drives:

  • Village of Fayetteville
  • Marissa Elementary School
  • Sparta – Lincoln Middle School
  • Sparta – Primary School
  • Libory Elementary School
  • Okawville Grade School
  • The Washington County CHOW Program (Combating Hunger on Weekends)
  • Coulterville Elementary School
  • BCMW Community Services
  • Tilden Presbyterian Church
  • Marissa Food Pantry