Meet the Intern: Miranda Brockmeyer

Prairie State is excited to welcome Miranda Brockmeyer as the Electrical Engineering Intern this summer!

Miranda attends the Missouri University of Science and Technology (S&T), where she studies electrical engineering, with a minor in mathematics. She chose electrical engineering because she likes learning new things daily, and she felt the field offered a wide range of knowledge and skills.

At S&T, Miranda plays intramural soccer with her friends during the spring. During the school year, she works in the S&T library as the Lead Student Processing Specialist. Miranda enjoys reading mysteries and hanging out her two dogs, Lucy (Doberman mix) and Nora (Australian Shepard mix).

This isn’t Miranda’s first experience at Prairie State. Last summer, she was an intern in the I&C Maintenance department. She grew up driving by the power plant stack most weekends and always found it interesting. Miranda is also very interested in power and says, “Prairie State is the perfect place to learn. I am looking forward to applying what I learned in the classroom to the real-world.”

In the future, Miranda hopes to work in the power industry, whether that be power distribution, power generation, or another related field. She will return to S&T this fall to begin her senior year.