Meet The Intern: Miley Brunner

Prairie State is pleased to welcome back Miley Brunner as our Analytics & Insights Intern this summer!

Miley will be returning to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) this fall as a junior in computer science. This degree interests her because it is a great mix of her love of problem-solving and her passion for helping others.

At UIUC, Miley participates in club tennis, the Society of Woman Engineers, and the Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity. She was a tennis teacher throughout high school and continues to teach some lessons to this day. Miley enjoys working with kids and seeing their tennis skills grow.

“I chose Prairie State because of its substantial positive impact on the community and its positive work environment. Everyone at Prairie State has been so welcoming thus far, and I enjoy seeing everyone’s passion for the work they do here,” praised Miley. “I am looking forward to continuing my work with data analysis and learning more about the relationship between database systems and analytics.”

Looking toward the future, Miley is hoping to graduate from UIUC with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and possibly pursue a career in software development.