Meet The Intern: Orion Rutkowski

Prairie State is happy to welcome Orion Rutkowski as our Mechanical Maintenance Intern this summer!

This fall, Orion will be a sophomore at Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC). There, he studies industrial maintenance; he chose this because he likes to learn how things work and how to fix them. He has always enjoyed hands-on work, making this career path perfect for him.

While he’s not working, Orion often helps at his church with fundraisers and the youth group. He enjoys fishing, hunting, working, and learning from experience. His past work experience includes working at a landscaping company, where he was a laborer and would occasionally run a crew.

About Prairie State, Orion says, “It is a really cool place that I thought I could learn a lot from and work with experienced mechanics.” He is looking forward to learning about how the plant works and what goes into maintaining it.

His goal is to finish his degree in industrial maintenance. After that, Orion would like to find a maintenance job and possibly continue his education.