Meet the Intern: Bailey Fisher

Prairie State is pleased to welcome Bailey Fisher as the Electrical Engineering Intern this summer!

Bailey currently studies electrical engineering at Missouri S&T. He chose this major because he has always been fascinated about electricity and curious about how the electric grid works.

Growing up, Bailey volunteered at American Red Cross blood drives; he also organized local food pantries. During high school, he worked at Burgher Haus in California, Missouri, where he was a cook and shift manager.

In the summer of 2021, Bailey worked at Ameren Missouri as a Mosquito Fleet laborer. In addition to driving pontoon boats into coves and spraying the shoreline for mosquitoes, he performed basic maintenance at the plant including grass cutting and trimming. When he is home, Bailey enjoys hunting and fishing, along with the occasional round of golf.

Bailey chose Prairie State because it makes him feel like he is at home. He said, “During the interview process, it seemed that everybody was down to earth and professional. They were also willing to welcome me with open arms. I am looking forward to learning the operation behind a coal-fired power plant. In addition, I will also be able to learn the process behind how generation is being stepped-up to transmission lines, then eventually fed to distribution stations.”

In spring 2024, Bailey will be graduating from Missouri S&T with his Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering. After that, he would love to find a career in engineering similar to the line of work he is doing this summer, whether it’s generation, transmission, or distribution.