Meet the Intern: Anita Burns

Prairie State is pleased to welcome Anita Burns as the Mechanical Engineering Intern this summer!

Anita will be a senior at Missouri S&T this fall, where she studies mechanical engineering. She chose this field because she has always enjoyed seeing how things work and considering what possible improvements can be made. The agriculture community is also a big reason she chose this major.

Last summer, Anita was a Product Engineering Intern at Spartan Light Metals, where she helped conduct porosity studies on a new line and various design projects. In her free time, she likes to help her dad on their family farm, go hunting and fishing, and spend time with her family and friends.

Anita chose Prairie State in the hopes that she would gain experience in an unfamiliar field; it is also close to her home. She says that she is looking forward to, “learning more about how a power plant operates and what goes into keeping it running successfully.”

Her current goal is to finish her bachelor’s degree next spring. After that, Anita hopes to find a job in a field that she enjoys.