Intern Update: Wyatt Lalumandier

Electrical Maintenance Intern, Wyatt Lalumandier, has spent his summer at Prairie State working with electrical I&C maintenance technicians to gain hands-on experience.

In Wyatt’s department, work orders change daily; this has given him a wide scope of learning. Each morning, the electrical maintenance department has a meeting where work orders are distributed. They also partner up with another employee for assistance throughout the day.

Wyatt has enjoyed working with and learning from the employees here. He has also learned more about the power industry, and he has seen firsthand how Prairie State operates. “My favorite part of this internship has been working in this setting. Many students do not have the opportunity to see large-scale power plants, let alone work in them.”

Through this internship, Wyatt has learned countless things. He has sharpened his hands-on skills and gained knowledge on the technological side of electrical work. “The experience I will never forget is working on the fourteenth floor all day. Talk about hot!”

While his education focuses on electricity, it has been on a very small scale. Wyatt’s internship has given him a real-world experience that he truly appreciates. This summer has helped him realize that he would enjoy working with control systems, possibly even in the power industry.

Wyatt will return to study control systems and electrical automation at Ranken Technical College, where he will graduate in December.