Intern Update: Blake Kreher

Mechanical Maintenance Intern, Blake Kreher, has spent his summer at Prairie State gaining hands-on experience in power plant operations.

This summer, Blake has been responsible for ensuring the operation of mechanical equipment and machinery. To do this, he has completed preventive maintenance, troubleshot malfunctions, and replaced defective parts.

Blake’s favorite part of his internship has been working with the maintenance crew. He also appreciates being able to utilize the knowledge he has gained in school in a real-life work environment.

Learning about the inner workings of a power plant was interesting for Blake. While people know that the function of the plant is to generate power, they often don’t know the operations behind the scenes. “There is more to power generation than meets the eye, and that is what intrigues me.”

This internship has given Blake a first-hand exposure to the field of maintenance, and he now better understands the maintenance processes.

Blake will keep his future career options open, but this internship has given him more interest in the power industry. He will graduate from Murray State University next spring.