Intern Update: Ojoniko Abah

Training and E-Learning Development Intern, Ojoniko Abah, has spent his summer at Prairie State learning how to identify gaps in training and design learning solutions to bridge those gaps.

Ojoniko’s main project includes converting PowerPoint presentations into computer-based training modules. He also prepares knowledge gap assessments to determine which subject areas need to be reviewed, allowing the program to assign a more personalized learning experience to each individual.

This summer, Ojoniko has learned how integral training and safety are to the development of an organization. After developing some E-Learning content, he was introduced to 3D educational technology.

Ojoniko has enjoyed validating test questions and doing the research involved with this process. He has appreciated having assistance from the Prairie State staff, and he has especially adored working with his supervisor. “Her enthusiasm and encouragement are exceptional, and she has taught me great lessons.”

His favorite part of this summer was getting to know all his coworkers. He also found the underground mine tour and power plant tour to be a neat experience, and it is something he will remember.

This internship has broadened Ojoniko’s scope. He has discovered that topics learned in school apply in numerous areas of work. This has made him open to diverse opportunities in the field of training. Ojoniko will graduate from Murray State University in December.