Intern Update: Mehran Mustafa

Electrical Engineering Intern, Mehran Mustafa, has spent his summer completing an arc flash study using ETAP electrical engineering software.

With this project, Mehran is in the process of verifying, correcting, and adding on to the current electrical power system. This will help increase the accuracy of Prairie State’s electrical network model.

Once this is completed, he will perform the arc flash analysis. This includes evaluating any precautions needed to perform maintenance on electrical switchgear, motor control centers, or panelboards. This project is halfway completed, and he has learned a lot during this process.

Mehran has also been planning the modification of steam turbine generator motor buckets, which would prevent nuisance trips. This project is intended to take place in the fall. Mehran is tasked with locating and modifying the drawings of these buckets, and then modifying the circuits and control system logic behind them.

This internship has been very interesting and enjoyable for Mehran because he has learned something new every day. The aspects of Prairie State he appreciates most are the friendly attitude of his supervisors, the accessibility of documents, and the company culture.

Since this was his first experience at a gigawatt-level power plant, Mehran has learned about important concepts related to the energy industry. He will always remember this internship as his first experience working in the United States.

Mehran had worked in the energy industry for over four years before moving to the United States, but this internship helped him solidify his career plans. “I’ve spent quite some time in this field before this internship, but this experience has made it clear for me that this is where I belong.”

This internship has given Mehran a clear insight of his future plans. They haven’t changed, but they certainly have gotten more structured. He is hoping to find a full-time job soon after completing this internship.