Intern Update: Kaelyn Schoenherr

Training and E-Learning Development Intern, Kaelyn Schoenherr, has spent her summer at Prairie State utilizing a variety of platforms to develop quality training materials.

Kaelyn has utilized current instructor-led presentations to develop new E-Learning modules. Her main project is to create technical training plans, which include topics related to fuels and operations. Currently, the fuels training modules have all been drafted, and are awaiting review from subject matter experts.

Kaelyn has been encouraged to develop relationships to become familiar with different learning styles. This has helped her better understand how to apply different communication techniques to effectively deliver a message. She will always remember the necessity of training.

Throughout her internship, Kaelyn learned the value of safety, along with how to create effective and efficient learning materials. She used multiple communication platforms and training programs to work with employees across the power plant. Her favorite element of Prairie State has been the employees, who have been very helpful.

Prior to this internship, Kaelyn did not realize how much effort it required to create and maintain training. “While college courses revolve around lectures, people in the workplace need short, on-demand training sessions. E-Learning allows employees to learn new skills in a quick, efficient manner.”

Kaelyn is now open to more opportunities. In her job hunt, she will no longer focus on the job title, but rather the duties and skills required. She is hoping that her future career will provide as much variety as this internship. Kaelyn will graduate from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville in December.