Intern Update: Brayden Menke

Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) Intern, Brayden Menke, has spent his summer at Prairie State getting hands-on experience in the monofill and learning about day-to-day operations.

Brayden’s job duties have varied from organizing Near Field reports to observing pump operations. He has also attended numerous meetings to discuss water balance, deep well, environmental services, and weekly project scopes.

Brayden has greatly enjoyed this internship, especially when gaining hands-on experience. He has been out in the field, learning by doing things that interest him. His favorite part of this internship has been observing the construction that is taking place in the monofill.

This summer, Brayden has learned that coal-fired power plants involve more than just burning coal. All coal combustion residuals must be properly disposed of to maintain compliance and remain environmentally responsible. “The process of handling the coal combustion residuals is much more complex than I had previously thought. I will remember how effectively everybody in the CCR department communicated.”

Brayden’s thoughts of the CCR department haven’t changed, but he now has a new appreciation for this department. This internship has helped him realize that he is willing to explore options other than just construction, as he has enjoyed working in the CCR department. Brayden will return to Mizzou this fall, where he will graduate in December 2020.