Electrical I&C Maintenance Crew

Our power plant’s maintenance crews perform critical work to ensure operational reliability. The electrical instrumentation and controls (I&C) maintenance crew is responsible for all aspects of electrical equipment in preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance.

Electrical I&C maintenance technicians also ensure that process instrumentation for indications such as temperature, pressure, and flow are working properly. Without these indications, equipment could malfunction.

Members of this crew work with employees in many other departments to ensure that any issues are resolved in a safe and timely manner. Communication must be effective both between the departments and within their own department. The electrical I&C maintenance crew uses primarily verbal communication to ensure understanding among all technicians.

“At the beginning of each day, we hold a meeting to distribute work orders, discuss safety, and hold open conversations about other relevant issues,” said Mike Frey, Electrical I&C Maintenance Supervisor at Prairie State, who stressed the importance of communication. “I utilize email, but I always follow up with verbal conversations.”