Mechanical Maintenance Crew

The mechanical maintenance crew is tasked with maintaining equipment to increase reliability, ensuring that any piece of equipment is available for operation when needed. This work can include greasing equipment, completing oil changes, and pulling oil samples, which allows them to find any contaminants and predict impending failures. This crew is also responsible for repairing mechanical failures that could occur in pumps, valves, hydraulic systems, fans, and more.

Communication among this group is primarily verbal. Even when separated, most technicians carry radios that allow for verbal communication. They hold daily meetings to distribute assignments and team up for their shift. While work orders explain the work scope, a conversation is still held to discuss any special conditions the job might have. The team then works together to gather necessary tools, identify any safety concerns, and maintain continual verbal communication on any issues that may arise.

According to Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor, John Mansker, “Safety is ensured by placing at least two technicians on each work order, which allows them to observe the actions of one another and catch any unsafe behavior. During the pre-job briefs, emphasis is placed on identifying any hazards. This team brief gives each member an opportunity to provide input. Also, it is not uncommon to see the technician talking to fellow technicians within the shop to gain insight into how to perform the job safely.”