Prairie State Awarded for Mine Reclamation Practices

At the end of February, Prairie State was honored with the Interstate Mining Compact Commission (IMCC) National Mine Reclamation Award for the Jordan Grove facility. This award is given to one company annually.

“Prairie State’s dedication to environmental protection through effective and efficient mining and reclamation practices at Jordan Grove is being recognized,” said Thomas L. Clarke, Executive Director for the IMCC. “Thank you for your company’s commitment and dedication to responsible mining and reclamation. I congratulate you for your diligent effort.”

Prairie State’s Jordan Grove facility was originally designed and constructed to accept coal combustion residual (CCR) material from the power plant when it first came online in 2012. In an effort to increase design efficiencies and reduce environmental footprint, a new monofill was later developed adjacent to the power plant. This resulted in the responsible closure of Jordan Grove. Reclamation plans were developed and approved by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and reclamation of the site began January 2018.

The herbaceous land use for the reclaimed area was chosen to provide cover and minimize erosion, while enhancing wildlife activity. Plantings included warm season grasses and cool season species, which provide a broader period of vegetative growth for wildlife populations. Plants that benefit pollinator species, such as milkweed, have also been cultivated in several areas.

These reclamation activities have resulted in sustainable vegetation that provides both erosion protection and wildlife enhancement. Along with effective engineering designs and structures for water conveyance, these efforts have resulted in a successful reclamation product.