Meet the Intern: Caitlin Kyseth

Prairie State is pleased to welcome Caitlin Kyseth as the Mine Engineering Intern this summer!

Caitlin attends Montana Tech, where she majors in mining engineering. She decided on this major after attending camps at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, both virtually and in person. At Montana Tech, Caitlin is part of a Dungeons and Dragons group with other students. She also helps tutor students in pre-calculus and calculus 1.

Caitlin has worked at Walgreens for the past three years. She is now a shift lead, which makes her responsible for occasionally opening and closing the store, handing cash and refunds, and processing returns and orders. Caitlin enjoys skiing, which she recently began practicing, and playing lacrosse, which she had done for six years before college. She also loves to travel; she recently spent two weeks in Taiwan and had a great experience learning about their culture, language, and food.

Caitlin chose Prairie State because she believes it is important to learn about a variety of mining industries, including coal. She says, “I am looking forward to learning about the coal industry and getting hands on experience with the equipment used for mining.”

This fall, Caitlin will return to Montana Tech for her sophomore year. She is looking to start her accelerated master’s program for mining engineering next year. Her future career goal is to become an explosives engineer for the mining industry.