Intern Update: Thomas Wojtowicz

Electrical I/C Maintenance Intern, Thomas Wojtowicz, has spent his summer calibrating transmitters and other instruments, testing sensors to ensure correct operation, and re-terminating motors and pumps.

Thomas has worked on other tasks such as installing new breakers; before installation, he has to put in the specific settings and test each phase. His department receives work orders at the beginning of the day; most of them are completed by the end of the day, if not the next.

Thomas has learned a lot at Prairie State, including how to calibrate instruments and electronics. He has also learned how to set up breakers to specific settings and how to test different pieces of equipment. He has enjoyed learning about the different instruments, controllers, and electronics on the field. He says, “I also enjoy working with my coworkers. If I have a question about anything, they usually do a good job at answering it in a way that makes sense.”

This internship has increased Thomas’s appreciation for electrical engineering and given him a better understanding of how different types of equipment are used and work in the field. His future plans are to stay around Nashville after graduating from college. He hopes to find a job nearby, and says that working at Prairie State would be ideal, as it is close and he has enjoyed his time here.