Meet the Intern: Nate Kellermann

Prairie State is excited to welcome Nate Kellermann as our Mechanical Engineering Intern this summer.

Nate is from O’Fallon, Illinois. He is attending the University of Missouri (Mizzou), where he will return this fall for his final year studying mechanical engineering. He chose to pursue engineering because, “from a young age I enjoyed building things and working with my hands. Whether that was Legos or working on old lawn mower engines, my enjoyment of the mechanical side of the world only grew.”

Nate participates in various sports, and he enjoys hiking and being outside. In St. Louis and Kansas City, he is involved in the Middleton Mentor Program, where he mentors students in high school and middle school.

Nate’s previous work experience ranges from lifeguard to farm hand and more. He has also been a tour guide at Anheuser-Busch InBev and a production assistant at Express Design. He even owned his own lawn mowing service, which allowed him to buy his first truck.

When asked why he chose Prairie State, Nate said, “I am very interested in learning how the power side of the mechanical engineering world. I knew this would be a great opportunity for experience and hands on work to further my knowledge.” He is looking forward to meeting new people at Prairie State and learning as much as he can. His goal is to grow his experience to a level that will improve his future career and life.

In May 2022, Nate will graduate from Mizzou. He is eager to see where life will take him, and he hopes to gain as much knowledge as he can in his future career.