Meet the Intern: Mehran Mustafa

Prairie State is excited to welcome Mehran Mustafa as our Electrical Engineering Intern this summer.

Mehran is from Carbondale, where he attends Southern Illinois University (SIU). He completed his master’s degree in electrical engineering, and he is currently working on a PhD. “I chose to do a master’s degree in electrical engineering from SIU because I had prior experience in working as an Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I) engineer in an oil refinery, and I wanted to further my knowledge. I continued towards a PhD in electrical engineering, and I’m almost done with that as well.”

At SIU, Mehran is involved as a volunteer with the Latin American Student Association (LASA). He is associated with this group thanks to his wife, who is from Mexico and now an alumni member of LASA. He recently participated in making a music video for LASA for the annual cultural show. In his free time, Mehran enjoys reading about spirituality or horror fiction. He is also a cricket fan and would like to get back to playing the sport.

Mehran previously worked as a graduate assistant at SIU. Before that, he was employed as an engineer in the E&I maintenance department at Attock Refinery Limited in Pakistan. In the summer of 2019, Mehran completed his first internship at Prairie State. He had a great learning experience and said, “Working with a friendly, experienced and talented workforce was one of the reasons to come back and intern here again. This time around, I am looking forward to understanding the protection and coordination, along with PLC and DCS operation and maintenance. I’d also like to get involved in related projects in the department.”

Mehran is almost done with the highest level of education that he could attain. Now, he is looking forward to a full-time position, and would love to work at Prairie State. He hopes for this summer to be his final semester.