Meet the Intern: Logan Rhodes

Prairie State Generating Company is excited to welcome Logan Rhodes as an electrical engineering intern for the summer of 2018.

From Granite City, Illinois, Rhodes is an electrical engineering major at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville (SIU-E).  He has been working with Amazon as a trainer in process and power equipment for the past 18 months.

Rhodes saw Prairie State at a career fair, and he was impressed by how excited the recruiters were about working for the company.  “The interviewers were very knowledgeable.  Prairie State seems like a good place to gain experience in the electrical engineering field.”

This summer, Rhodes will be learning about the distributed control system (DCS), including how to operate and repair it.  He will also be performing a load study on the Station Service Transformers and working on electrical maintenance throughout the power plant.  “I am excited to work alongside experienced engineers and learn from them.  It’s great to put my classroom knowledge to use in a hands-on situation.”

In the fall, he will continue to work with Amazon while finishing his final year at SIU-E.  Rhodes would like to find work as an electrical engineer, and he feels he could work well in any industry.