Intern Update: William Lisota

Mechanical Engineering Intern, William Lisota, has spent his summer at Prairie State working with engineers on combustion optimization projects.

William has used computer software to analyze trends and gain insight on possible operational issues. He has also helped with the installation of an acoustic pyrometer, which gauges boiler temperature. Another project involved locating isometric underground piping diagrams; this will help with a future road installation project.

This summer, William has enjoyed walking around the plant to see components that he had previously only seen in books. “My favorite part about this internship was the work environment. I was able to ask my mentors about anything in the plant that stirred my curiosity.”

William has learned a great deal about power plant operations, as well as what tasks mechanical engineers perform daily.

His future plans have remained the same. However, after meeting and working with the engineers at Prairie State, the idea of moving into the workforce is now less intimidating.

William will graduate from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale next spring, and he will pursue a career in the power industry.