Intern Update: Adonis Barnes

Mechanical Engineering Intern, Adonis Barnes, has spent his summer at Prairie state creating tools to facilitate operations, along with analyzing data to locate issues.

Adonis has learned how a power plant operates, from the basic power cycle, to the complex components of various machines and systems.

His projects involve updating and creating books using PI software; these are used by engineers and operators to monitor and analyze trends. He also has created designs to indicate fan positions.

Adonis has greatly enjoyed his internship. It has excited him to see his engineering projects come to life. His favorite part of working at Prairie State has been feeling like part of a family.

One lesson Adonis has learned this summer is, “I will never know everything, but I must continue to learn. I will remember the laughs with, and lessons learned from, my mentors and peers here at Prairie State.”

This internship has fueled Adonis to complete his degree and reach for his dream. Before working at Prairie State, his goal was to find work in any energy-related field. Now, he wants to learn as much as he can at a coal-fired power plant before spearheading a renewable energy plant.

Next spring, Adonis will graduate from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.