Intern Update: Tess Bauman

Records and Information Management Intern, Tess Bauman, has spent her summer at Prairie State working with the legal department to develop an information governance program.

With this program, Tess has been responsible for scheduling and conducting interviews with employees across campus. In these interviews, they discuss what type of information is shared in each department, along with where it is stored. She has completed over half of her scheduled interviews, and she will finish this project in the coming weeks.

While Tess knew that working with information governance would be tedious, she did not previously realize how important it is to an organization’s success. This program will help Prairie State become more effective, efficient, and compliant by creating policies and training to assist employees in data retention.

Tess has also developed communications to explain the information governance program and its benefits to employees. She will begin to develop training materials and branded documents as they are needed.

Tess has enjoyed this internship because she is constantly learning. Her favorite part of this summer has been knowing that she is involved in a program which will provide long-term benefits to the company.

This summer, Tess has realized that teamwork is the key to a successful organization. She has also learned that marketing skills have a diverse potential for application. “Many skills from my sales class have been used when asking information governance interview questions. While working on informational materials, I have used skills from digital marketing, marketing research, and consumer behavior to create content that appeals to employees.”

Due to this realization, Tess has widened her mindset on what type of career she may have after graduation. Following this internship, Tess will return to University of Central Missouri, where she will graduate in December.