Intern Update: Brooke Hasty

Human Resources (HR) Intern, Brooke Hasty, has spent her summer at Prairie State gaining knowledge and creating videos to be used in employee training.

Brooke’s main task this summer has been using Vyond to create interactive videos for the HR department. She has made great progress, and she enjoys seeing positive feedback. Brooke has also helped with several other projects in her department. She has been involved with the intern check-in, diversity and inclusion week, and new hire onboarding, to name a few.

Being a part of Prairie State has been an amazing experience for Brooke. She appreciates the welcoming company culture, and she loves seeing our values being used daily. Brooke has interacted with several departments, which has shown her how teamwork benefits the work environment. This is also prevalent in her own department, as she has seen each member of the HR team take on responsibilities to help where they can.

One of her favorite experiences this summer included learning about and participating in new employee orientation. Prior to her internship, she thought the main function of an HR department was related to the hiring process, including recruiting and training. She now fully understands that there is more to HR than onboarding.

Brooke is learning something new every day of her internship. One experience that Brooke will remember is sitting in on an interview. “Being on the other side of a job interview was pretty neat, and it taught me a lot about how to conduct an interview. It also gave me insight on why they ask certain questions.”

This internship has shown Brooke the many different aspects of the HR field. She has enjoyed being able to interact with people across campus, and she appreciates that every day brings something new.

While Brooke has always enjoyed business, she was unsure of her future career. However, she now knows that she wants to pursue a career in HR after graduation. Brooke will return to the University of Central Missouri this fall to begin her senior year.