Intern Update: Orion Rutkowski

Mechanical Maintenance Intern, Orion Rutkowski, has spent his summer helping the mechanical maintenance crew by assisting in repairs and general preventative maintenance throughout the plant.

This job includes many tasks, some of which are changing oil, changing belts on the coal feeders, cleaning and changing vacuum drum covers, changing out valves, and rebuilding pumps. He has now learned how the mechanics function and what each task entails. Orion has no issues jumping in to help with any task.

He has also learned how to log all the work that is in progress or complete. Orion can now carry out some of the tasks that are required to keep the plant running. “I have enjoyed every day at this internship. I look forward to each day and what the job for the day might be. I take every opportunity that I can to ask questions and learn as much as I can.”

His future plans haven’t changed as a result of this internship, but he is looking forward to his future career. His goal is to graduate from SWIC and search for a job similar to this internship, in the industrial setting.