Intern Update: James Inman

Records and Information Management Intern, James Inman, has spent his summer on various projects related to data retention and storage.

One of his projects was creating and revising procedures for different departments in the company. He has also worked to dispose of expired paperwork from the inactive records center. James has worked with various campus departments to help them figure out how and where to store information. While many of these projects are continuous, he believes he is on pace to complete the remaining projects.

James has learned many things while working at Prairie State. Most notable is his increased ability to interact and work in a large company. “I have also learned how to write procedures, checklists, and audits, which are all good skills to further my career. I have really enjoyed working with all of the different people. The most memorable part for me will be getting to go underground at the mine.”

Now that James has more experience in the business world, his thoughts on his field have changed slightly. His future goal is to stay at Prairie State and continue his career if the opportunity would arise; if not, he would hope to find a job similar in structure.