Intern Update: Miley Brunner

Analytics & Insights Intern, Miley Brunner, has spent her summer creating analytic dashboards for many different departments at Prairie State.

So far, she’s improved many reports that she created last summer. Miley has also created an entirely new safety report, to improve the functionality of Prairie State’s behavior-based safety program. Another project she’s working on involves data quality and cleanup, which she hopes to complete by the end of summer.

“I have learned a lot about how to utilize data to help improve company processes at a high level,” said Miley. “I have really enjoyed learning more about data analysis and seeing the reports I made last year be put into use. My favorite part so far has been working with such awesome people.”

This internship hasn’t changed Miley’s thoughts on computer science, but it has helped her realize that she made the right choice in deciding to work in tech. Her future plans include pursuing a career in software development or consulting. This internship has helped her realize she wants a career that mixes both technology and working with people.