Intern Update: Chandler Hoffman

Mine Warehouse Intern, Chandler Hoffman, has spent his summer gaining experience and picking up responsibilities in the warehouse.

While Chandler began with simple filing tasks, he has worked his way up to picking up more difficult jobs. He can now operate a fork truck to load and unload trucks. One daily task he enjoys is dealing with tool sleds.

Chandler has learned a lot. “The amount of useful life knowledge I have gained from being here is insurmountable. I came into this with very limited knowledge of coal mines and power plants, and I have learned about countless parts that the mine uses every day. The most memorable part for me was operating the fork truck for the first time.”

While the experience has been great, he says the people have been the best part. He immediately felt welcomed by his coworkers.

Chandler’s future educational plans haven’t changed since the start of his internship. He would really like to continue his work with Prairie State.