Intern Update: Madi McKenzie

Mine Maintenance Intern, Madi McKenzie, has spent her summer helping in all different sections of the maintenance department.

Mostly, Madi’s tasks have been daily work orders she can finish during her shift, either underground or on the surface. She helps when the team needs an extra hand.

Madi has learned a lot about the mining industry this summer, saying, “You can pick up a lot in just a few months when you have good people around helping you out.” She has enjoyed getting to jump around and learn about the various aspects of the mine. “All these different parts of the mine work together to keep production running.”

This internship has given Madi helpful insight. She likes mechanical engineering, but she now has the knowledge needed to design machines that don’t cause as many problems for the people responsible for repairing them. Madi will return to Missouri S&T this fall with plans to graduate soon.