Intern Update: Logan Wynes

Mechanical Engineering Intern, Logan Wynes, has spent his summer creating graphics to help engineers and operators monitor specific systems in the plant.

Many of these graphics have been completed, as they take a few days at most. His biggest project so far has been creating a flow diagram for the entire wastewater system in the plant. Logan is on his third set of revisions to this diagram; he hopes to complete all of the revisions before the end of July.

Logan is excited about all that he has learned at Prairie State. “Everyone is willing to show me what they work with in the plant. I have learned a lot about how each system in the plant works and what is required to keep it working.”

He has really enjoyed being able to see all the equipment and systems at work in the plant, from an inside perspective. “My favorite part was getting to explore the inside of the boiler during the forced outage, because I got to see what the inside actually looks like!”

Logan’s future plans have been reaffirmed; he would love a future career in the power generation industry.