Intern Update: Dustin Bartnicki

Mechanical Maintenance Intern, Dustin Bartnicki, has spent his summer performing daily maintenance work in a timely manner.

Dustin’s internship is similar to the job of a full-time employee. So far, he has gotten to work on a coal feeder, make oil changes in backstops, and complete filter changes. Every job that he has been assigned has been completed expeditiously.

Dustin has learned a lot at Prairie State. “I’ve learned more in-depth detail about how a power plant works. It really helps that I’ve taken thermodynamics; being able to see firsthand what that class teaches is truly mind blowing.”

He has enjoyed every part of his internship. “I’m getting to work with many different guys and understand what they do. We also get a good laugh from time to time. My favorite part so far is feeling like I’m a part of the mechanical maintenance crew. I’m not singled out, and I can just talk to and learn from all the guys.”

Now, Dustin feels that he can truly understand all the details that he learned throughout his major classes. As he can see these processes every day, it helps him with his overall knowledge of mechanical engineering. His future plans haven’t changed, and Dustin looks forward to the rest of the summer.