Intern Update: Joe Medley

Analytics & Insights Intern, Joe Medley, has spent his summer creating reports in Power BI to help staff and management at the power plant.

These reports have been requested for various reasons, including work order tracking, financial forecasting, accounting tracking, inventory management, and workflow management. Some of these projects have been small, while others have been very large. Joe typically receives new projects each week, and he plans to have most of them completed by the end of his internship.

Throughout the summer, Joe has learned a lot about the plant, the mine, and the energy industry. “I have also learned about the immense amount of planning and time it takes to manage an operation as large as this one.” Through working on his projects, Joe has also developed his technical skills in Power BI and Python.

Joe’s favorite part of this summer has been interacting with plant senior management and learning about their jobs so that he could better assist them. “I was able to use my expertise in data to develop reports custom tailored to their needs and expectations.”

This internship has reinforced Joe’s decision to work professionally in data analytics/data science. He believes he would enjoy working at a smaller company like Prairie State, as he likes the tight knit culture. Wherever Joe finds work, he wants to be able to combine his people skills with his knowledge of data to produce high-quality work.