Intern Check-In: Shanthan Mandadi

Coal combustion residuals intern Shanthan Mandadi has spent his summer at Prairie State creating solutions for the fly ash handling unit.

Mandadi has been fixing equipment in the transfer tower to avoid chute blockage.  He has also been involved in sampling levels and checking regulatory pumps to ensure proper flow.

His favorite part of this internship has been studying piping diagrams.  These diagrams are new to him, and he finds it interesting to learn how they work.

Mandadi has also been utilizing the Maximo software to manage inventory levels.  “Learning about Maximo has been very beneficial.  It is a program that is used in many different departments and industries.”

All of his projects have been going well.  “I have met deadlines without issue, and now I am just waiting for replies from the tagging team and the contractors.”

In the future, Mandadi will take his skills wherever they can be utilized.