Intern Check-In: Alyssa Lohmann

Public relations intern Alyssa Lohmann has spent her summer at Prairie State communicating with employees, owners, and the community.

Lohmann has written many social media posts for Prairie State.  She has also assisted in planning events such as the golf outing, scholarship program, and upcoming employee appreciation day.  Lohmann appreciates that every day in public relations brings a new challenge.

One of her projects has been to compose the ‘Meet the Intern’ and ‘Intern Check-In’ stories.  Lohmann has written about current events around the energy campus and created graphics in Photoshop to be used on Facebook and LinkedIn.

“I have learned a lot about time management.  With scheduling interviews, attending meetings, and planning events, it is very important to stay organized and make sure none of these conflict.”  Lohmann has also learned about utilizing online platforms such as WordPress, Eventbrite, and Sprout Social.

Her favorite part of this internship so far has been working with Alyssa Harre, Lisa Scott, and all of the volunteers on planning the employee golf outing.  “There were so many components that went into planning this event, and everyone did their part to make the day run smoothly.”

In the fall, Lohmann will return to Southern Illinois University-Carbondale to complete her degree.  She would like to have a career focused on public relations or advertising.