Intern Check-In: Benjamin Harvey

Electrical engineering intern Benjamin Harvey has spent his summer at Prairie State working with teams of employees on electrical projects throughout the plant.

Harvey has created a pi screen to show real-time electricity consumption.  He has also been involved in load studies to determine if the plant can handle any additional electrical components.  Harvey has learned a lot about the plant through shadowing an operations crew.

His thoughts on electrical engineering have improved since he began this internship.  “I now understand that classroom knowledge is more important in this field; you need to know the correct formulas and how they apply to a situation.”

Harvey’s favorite part of this internship has been learning about all the components and operations of the plant.  He also enjoys being able to work both hands-on and at a desk.

Harvey has gained problem solving skills and software knowledge, and he will benefit from these in the future.  He has also learned how to switch out breakers, which is something he has practiced at home.

His projects have been complex and time-consuming.  “Many of my projects must be approached one day at a time.  I have added things along the way to benefit the end-results, which have been successful so far.”

In the future, Harvey would like to work in the power generation industry, preferably at Prairie State.