Meet the Interns: Hannah Dhom

The Prairie State Generating Company is excited to welcome Hannah Dhom as an environmental intern for the summer of 2017.

Dhom, who was born in Newton, Illinois, is a senior studying civil and environmental engineering at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale. Dhom said that since she was young, she knew a career in power generation and the environment was for her and she is no stranger to the industry. Last year she held and internship with Ameren Illinois Power. Her fiancé and father-in-law-to-be both work for Norris Electric Cooperative in Newton.

“I grew up around power plants my whole life. I’ve always seen them from a distance,” Dhom said. “During my internship with Ameren, I became more acquainted with the power industry and I was still interested in more. I didn’t get to go in depth with my major at Ameren. Whenever I found out about the environmental intern opening at Prairie State I was really excited to apply.”

The Newton native chose civil and environmental engineering as her major because she loves the outdoors. In her free time she is almost always outside either hiking, biking or skateboarding. She said she loved playing outside as a kid and never lost that love for fresh air and sunshine.
Dhom knows that her career is in the energy industry, but is unsure of what her niche within the industry is. The main thing she hopes to take away from her time at PSGC is learning where she fits into the landscape.

“I hope to learn more about the regulations that are involved in this big of a process,” Dhom said. “I’m looking forward to learning about the federal and state laws that the plant is responsible for complying with … I know I want to work in this field, I’m just trying to figure out where or how.”