Meet the Interns: Dillon Ostendorf

Prairie State Generating Company is excited to welcome Dillon Ostendorf as a facilities intern for the summer of 2017.

Ostendorf is in his second year at Ranken Technical College in St. Louis where he has studied a variety of disciplines ranging from welding to hydraulics. It was well known around Ranken that Prairie State Generating Company was searching for interns. Ostendorf said many people applied from his program, but it was just he and warehouse intern Tarron Ivory that got the nod to work at Prairie State.

“I’m liking the internship a lot so far,” He said. “A lot of the things I’m doing are things that I like to do. I like to be hands on and work outside. I’m not the kind of person that can sit behind a desk. Air conditioning is nice, but I prefer to be outside.”

Ostendorf is excited to gain the experience from this internship and said it is a way to get his foot in the door not only at Prairie State, but as a potential candidate for jobs in the future by showing that he is a trustworthy and reliable worker here.

So far at Prairie State, Ostendorf has helped the facilities crew with a multitude of projects including laying down a concrete pad and filling potholes in the overflow parking lot at the power plant, re-spraying parking places at the mine as well as beautification projects around the campus.

Following his internship at Prairie State, Ostendorf will return to Ranken to finish the final year of his associates degree. After that he will return for one more year to earn his Bachelor’s from Ranken. Ostendorf said that if Prairie State were to offer him a position with the facilities or maintenance staff after he completes his education, he would be pleased to accept a full-time position.