Meet the Intern: Miley Brunner

Prairie State is excited to welcome Miley Brunner as our Data Analytics Intern this summer.

Miley is from Shiloh, Illinois. She is studying computer science the University of Illinois (U of I), where she will begin her sophomore year this fall. Miley chose to study computer science because she feels that it is a perfect mix of math, analytics, and creativity. She says, “It intrigued me how the work done on a computer can be used to help billions of people in under a millisecond. I am passionate about helping others, and this major would allow me to do that at a very high scale.”

At U of I, Miley is involved in Engineers without Borders, Club Tennis, and the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority. She has previously worked as a tennis teaching professional and as a desk clerk at St. Clair Tennis. In addition to her passion for the sport, she also enjoys crafting and going for walks in the park.

Miley chose Prairie State because she believes the work being done here is extremely important and equally interesting. “Prairie State helps bring energy to millions of families, and I want to be a part of what helps this company be successful in doing so. Plus, all the employees that I had met were extremely friendly and passionate about their role at Prairie State, which has made me want to work here that much more.”

This summer, Miley is looking forward to working alongside and learning from Prairie State employees. She is excited to learn about data analytics in a hands-on environment where her work will result in a meaningful impact.

Miley is hoping to complete her bachelor’s degree in computer science and pursue a career in that field. She is eager to discover where this path may lead her.