Intern Update: Miranda Brockmeyer

Electrical I/C Maintenance Intern, Miranda Brockmeyer, has spent her summer working on various assignments related to valves, calibration, and troubleshooting.

Miranda has learned a lot about the equipment in use at the plant, and how this equipment helps keep the plant running. She has specifically learned about equipment such as a Trex, megger, and voltmeter. Miranda has loved the hands-on training, saying, “My favorite part has been wiring up cabinets and seeing how everything fits into place.”

During her internship, Miranda has realized that troubleshooting a job requires a wide variety of knowledge. Whether that knowledge be from mechanical, electrical, or computer systems, it is all needed to help successfully solve the issue.

Miranda hopes to have a job in the future that allows her to do hands-on work, rather than sitting at a desk.