Intern Update: Chandler Rhodes

Plant Maintenance Intern, Chandler Rhodes, has spent his summer at Prairie State replacing valves, probes, and conduit.

His duties typically vary from day to day. Many of his projects include replacing large valves and working with limestone. One of his favorite tasks was to replace oxygen probes on the boiler. He has also replaced conduit and run new wire. Every project he has been involved with has been completed within a few days to a week.

Chandler has greatly enjoyed his internship.  “I’ve learned so many different things that will help me in my future career. My favorite part has been working on cool things, and all the employees I work with are helpful and respectful.”

This summer, Chandler has learned a lot about both the mechanical and electrical sides of maintenance and how the plant works. There hasn’t been a forgettable part to his internship, and he says he will remember learning how everything is meant to be done.

While it was nice to learn the mechanical side of maintenance, Chandler still loves the electrical work. “That will be the field I stay in for the rest of my life.”

Chandler is attending Southwestern Illinois College. He is looking to finish his degree in industrial electricity prior to beginning his career in the field.