Intern Update: Bailey Fisher

Electrical Engineering Intern, Bailey Fisher, has spent his summer working on upgrading relays, rewiring connections, reviewing drawings, and more.

Bailey has been looking over various drawings related to the relay upgrades, which are present in multiple different projects. These upgrades also involve rewiring connections to the new relays and comparing new values to the old values. Bailey has been helping with inspections on the generator step-up and the load tap-changers. He has also spent time shadowing various meetings on upcoming projects.

Most of the projects on Bailey’s list will be completed as the summer draws to a close. The rewiring and drawing review have been completed for two of his projects so far, with the other one being on hold due to a new part being on order. He is pleased to see most of his work nearing completion.

Bailey has seen the value of teamwork throughout the summer. He says, “I have learned very quickly that not one person runs the show at Prairie State, or at any power generation facility. It takes an entire army of individuals with many different traits and talents to have a successful operation.”

Bailey has enjoyed making new connections in the professional field. “It is refreshing knowing that employees were once in my shoes and know how it feels being a student. In addition, they want to see me grow and succeed in my career. Overall, my favorite part of the internship has been getting my feet wet in different types of electrical engineering, whether it’s relay work, PLC’s, DCS, etc. There is always something new to learn every single day I walk into the door.”

Bailey is not set on his future career path, but he is still looking toward generation, transmission, or distribution.