Intern Update: Alexei Cogdill

Records and Information Management Intern, Alexei Cogdill, has spent his summer at Prairie State assisting the legal department in creating an information governance program, which will help employees store their information in an effective, efficient, and compliant manner.

Alexei has been involved in interviewing employees to determine where they keep their files, along with who can access this information. So far, it has been successful. He has worked with the IT department to produce a file list, allowing him to compile files and folders for certain people. This has greatly helped him with the information governance interviews. Alexei’s largest project is still underway, and it includes taking inventory on boxes of physical files in a Prairie State storage facility.

Alexei is enjoying his internship overall, but his favorite part includes working with the IT department, as that relates to his cybersecurity major.

He has learned about many different job duties in the company through his interviews. About this learning experience, Alexei said, “The interviews help me understand how the company functions, and they give me an idea about the atmosphere in which each employee works. I will remember this experience and the challenges that I have been facing, and I will continue to work through them.”

Alexei is enjoying his internship more than he expected. Things are going well for him, and he enjoys what he is doing. Asking questions to the IT department, performing interviews, and taking inventory is a tedious process, but it is enjoyable to him.

This internship has not caused Alexei to change his future plans, but he is now open to a possibility of working at Prairie State. Following this internship, Alexei will return to Maryville to complete his degree.