Intern Check-In: Payton Spohn

Mining intern Payton Spohn has spent his summer at Prairie State getting a hands-on view of coal mining operations.

Spohn has been involved in determining coal height, calculating volume, and mapping the mine.  He has spent much of his time shadowing surveyors to gain experience.

Spohn says his internship at Prairie State has improved his view on mining.  “I have seen so many aspects of daily mining operations, which has helped to solidify my understanding of these processes.”  He is excited to be a part of the underground injection well drilling.

His favorite part of this internship has been going underground to witness borescope imaging.  This allows them to determine the amount of limestone and shale in the mine.  He has also enjoyed seeing different fossils embedded in these rocks.

Spohn has learned a lot about the importance of daily surveying.  “We have to take measurements every day to ensure that we comply with regulations on pillar width and roof strength.  We also must consider how the mine will hold up over time to ensure worker safety.”

In the future, Spohn will use the knowledge gained from his internship in other areas of geological engineering.