Intern Check-In: Evan Langley

Mechanical engineering intern Evan Langley has spent his summer at Prairie State working with an engineering team to make improvements throughout the plant.

Langley has been working to make outages more efficient.  He has also been involved in structural design to determine if any additions or improvements can be made.

This internship has improved his view on mechanical engineering.  Langley said that working at Prairie State has solidified his desire to work in the power generation industry.

His favorite part of this internship has been collaborating with Prairie State staff.  “Everyone has been open to answering questions, which enables me to learn so much from them.”  He also enjoys having the sole responsibility for his design projects.

Langley has learned about creating redundancies to increase the reliability of mechanical systems.  “It is amazing to see truly how many subsystems go into generating power.”  He has also learned a great deal about ensuring safe operation of these systems.

Langley says that all of his projects are on schedule.  The burner elbow supports that he has designed are ready to be tested.  Langley has also collected measurements and created a design for a ramp that is to be installed soon.  He is prepared to conduct an auxiliary boiler inspection.

This internship has given Langley the tools he needs to have a successful career in the power generation industry.  He feels that he has gained skills in project management, rationing, and collaboration that have prepared him for the future.