Intern Check-In: Mooketsi Selelo

Mining intern Mooketsi Selelo has spent his summer at Prairie State involved with important mining operations.

Selelo has worked mostly with the ventilation crew and the belt crew; they have constructed walls, built air flow regulators, and repaired belts.  He has also done air quantity calculations to ensure proper air flow underground.

Selelo has learned a lot about the operational side of the mine.  “I have done these calculations at school, and I now have a better understanding of why they are necessary.”  He said working at Prairie State has taught him how to work more safely.

Wall construction has been Selelo’s favorite part of his internship.  “I have enjoyed being involved in these projects from set-up all the way through the build.  I like to see the progress from start to finish.”

Although Selelo had previous mining experience, he has now learned that some projects are more challenging and time consuming.  He is grateful that his coworkers have shared their knowledge to help improve his skills.

After this internship, Selelo hopes to be hired full-time at Prairie State; he feels that this is the right place for him.