Intern Check-In: Logan Rhodes

Electrical engineering intern Logan Rhodes has spent his summer at Prairie State working with engineers on station service transformer studies.

Rhodes has been working closely with Instrumentation and Controls Technicians to learn about the control system at the plant.  He has also been analyzing data regarding test burns to determine any possible trends.

This internship has confirmed Rhode’s interest in electrical engineering.  “I am open to industries other than power generation.  My main goal is to get exposure to as many aspects of electrical engineering as possible.”

His favorite part of this internship has been working alongside the other interns and engineers to learn and collaborate on projects.  “I have learned a great deal about control systems.  They are very intricate, so you could always learn something new about them.”

So far, Rhodes has been successful in his projects.  His load study on station service transformers has come to a close with satisfactory results.  He will now be working on analyzing this data.

Rhodes plans to finish his degree and look for diverse careers in electrical engineering.  He will continue to grow his skills in different industries.