Intern check-in: Kara Husmann

Accounting intern Kara Husmann has spent more time working with Prairie State than any of the other interns – this was her second stint in the Prairie State Internship Program.

Last summer, Husmann got to know how the accounting team with Prairie State goes about their daily tasks. This time around, she was given the freedom to handle some of those tasks on her own.

“I had a good summer. I got to be a lot more involved this time around and it was really interesting to be more involved,” she said. “I had the opportunity to take on different tasks this summer and learned quite a bit since most of them were new to me.”

For each month’s account closing, Husmann has been more involved with balancing the books at the end of each month and creating a financial packet that will be sent out to Prairie State’s owners at the end of each month. Another big project for Husmann was solving issues with orders that were received, but not invoiced. To do so, she had to cross-reference orders that have been placed in Maximo with the orders the accounting team has in its software. If any invoices are missing, Husmann has to contact the vendors and inquire about the missing invoice in order for the account to be closed.

Husmann said she’s picked up a lot of time management skills since the majority of her projects this summer had a deadline. Her time management skills will go on to make her an efficient member of an accounting team in the future.

After her internship is over, Husmann will return to Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville where she has just one semester left before she graduates. After graduation, Husmann will continue to study accounting at SIUE while she seeks her master’s degree.