NEARLY 7 MILLION TONS of coal mined annually.

of power.


families with electricity every day.


in economic activity contributed annually.

invested in the Best Available Control Technology (BACT).


$1 Billion investment in environmental emission controls.


Prairie State Energy Campus is dedicated to protecting our environment in each and every day. Our commitment to the environment is exhibited in many ways, the following are a few examples of our work:

  • $1 billion investment in Best Available Control Technology (BACT) to create the cleanest coal-fuled power plant in Illinois and one of the cleanest in the world.
  • Prairie State's operating permits come from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Mine Safety and Health Administration, Illinois Department of Natural Resources among other federal, state and local agencies. Prairie State’s operation and success is dependent upon its meeting and exceeding these permit requirements.
  • Because Prairie State's coal is from its mine mouth coal mine, located across the road from the power plant, it does not have to railroad in coal, saving on transportation costs and significantly reducing emissions.

As one of the newest coal-fired power plants in the county, Prairie State is proud to be joining a Midwestern history of electricity generation that continues to evolve and improve upon its environmental progress.

  • America's electricity generating plants comply with some of the most stringent environmental regulations in the world. Coal is used for nearly half of the electricity generation in the country, having tripled since 1970. During that time, emissions have been cut in half.
  • More than a quarter of the world's known recoverable coal reserves are located right here, and the energy content of American coal exceeds that of all the oil in the Middle East.