Power Plant Fire Brigade

Prairie State’s Power Plant Fire Brigade was established in early 2019; throughout the year, they were trained on how to provide efficient and safe services. After finalizing their procedures, the team went live in January 2020.

“The Fire Brigade will provide fire suppression services to the power plant. However, our number one priority is the safety of the lives involved,” said Sean Landgraf, who leads the team.

Their subsequent priorities include safely extinguishing fires, limiting property damage, and ensuring business continuity.

It is this team’s duty to extinguish fires within their capabilities. In the event of a larger fire, their goal is to control flames until outside responders arrive. They will then escort the responders through the plant, helping them avoid unfamiliar hazards.

Each beginning Fire Brigade member attended four days of training, including one day at the Ameren Fire School in St. Louis. Following this initial session, members are required to update their training each quarter and periodically return to the Ameren Fire School for live fire training.

To join the fire brigade, employees must receive approval from their manager and complete their fourth qualification step or equivalent. This process ensures they have enough experience to respond safely to fire emergencies inside the plant. The most crucial skill to these responders is the ability to comfortably and safely use a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA).